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There is no change from darkness to light or from inertia to movement without emotion. (Jung)

3 copyEmotions are a form of communication. How we listen to them, engage them or deny them, is unique to each individual. Therapy is where you have the space to work out what you feel, what you think, and what you want to do. It helps you feel better, find your direction and fulfil your potential. As an Integrative Counsellor, I work with you in a warm, supportive and thoughtful way, drawing on a range of therapeutic skills and theory.

Depression, anxiety and relationships issues, are the top difficulties people seek counselling/therapy for. There will always be reasons why we feel depressed or anxious, or struggle in relationships but these may not be clear to the person experiencing them. Together we can clarify your experience and this can help you to move forward.

It is important that you feel able to talk to your therapist openly and feel heard. It can take time to build this trust but having a place to talk things through in a way that often is not possible with friends or family can be transforming in itself. Being carefully and empathically listened to, without judgement, is the unique offering of therapy.

I can offer you a 10 mins telephone/Skype call to see if I can help you. See About Therapy  for the areas that I  work with.

An initial appointment (in either central London, Queen’s Park or Kensal Rise/Willesden) can be an assessment for both of us to see if we can work together. See my locations and travel directions here Location and Fees. You can come and meet me; there is no obligation to come back. If we decide to continue to work together we would agree a 50 mins weekly session time.

Call me on 07902922671 or use the contact form.